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Vertical Integration

A Little Bit Of Leamington In Every Package

We are proud to be located in Leamington, Ontario, the tomato capital of Canada. Our small town is known for amazing tomatoes.

Since we work with local farmers, our tomatoes not only taste better but travel a shorter distance - which helps us lower our carbon footprint. Further, with our low transportation costs, we can invest more into local infrastructure and our community.

Like Tomatoes On A Vine

For us, to create a high-quality yet cost-effective product, controlling every step of the process is necessary. So we’ve put a lot of time and resources into developing a vertically integrated production chain, so we can produce the best products and do it quickly. During our tomato season, we can go from field to jar in 24 hours!

We value efficiency, but never sacrifice excellence. We think the extra effort is worth it, and your customers will be able to taste the difference.