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Highbury Canco knows its fundamental value comes from the employees who live, work and play in Leamington and its surrounding area. We know that our future depends on our employees, and that’s why we invest in their future.

At HCC we know you can’t skimp on experience, passion and loyalty. We invest in apprenticeships, and have co-op programs in place for high school and college/university students. We strive to ensure that our employees grow both personally and professionally. Highbury has experienced exponential growth, doubling the number of employees since 2014; we know we made the right choice in believing in our community.

Our Past as a Guide

Our facility has deep roots in our community’s history – more than a hundred-years’ worth. We strive to continue this tradition of excellence by producing high quality products in a collaborative welcoming environment.

To HCC, this century-old tradition of quality products in Leamington is our guide to our future. Each day of production measures up to one hundred years of quality. We know exactly what we’re being compared to, and we are proud of it.

Investing in our Future

Investing in the future of every person who works for us is a core principle at HCC. Whether you come in for a summer job or to start your career, you know there’s a place for you to grow within the HCC family. We offer training programs both internally and with external firms, meaning you’ll be able to learn new skills and grow while working with us.

As a Living Wage Employer, we at HCC believe that no working person should have to deal with financial instability. That’s why we offer competitive pay, benefits as well as a pension plan that ensures that our employees are taken care of not only while they are with us but once they have left the workforce as well.


“Highbury re-hired me after the Heinz closure and gave me a new opportunity to keep providing for my family in a place that holds a lot of history. Highbury provides educational opportunities and has sent me to school to learn processes and operations to further my development. The people here are also great; they help to create a friendly work environment and an interesting place to work.”