Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration

A little bit of Leamington in every package

Leamington is Canada’s tomato capital, and we take that reputation to heart. Everything about the town we love is put into the tomatoes that are grown here, which are packed within 24 hours of harvest.


Our locally sourced tomatoes not only taste better, but since they travel such short distances, they help us lower our carbon footprint. While we keep transportation costs low and invest in our community, we are also doing our small part to ensure a better environment, for everyone.


What’s more, by investing in local infrastructure to grow the food we use in our products, we’re expanding our ability to source local, high-quality ingredients.

Like Tomatoes on a Vine

We know that to ensure we can produce a high-quality and cost-effective product, we need to control every step of the process. So we’ve put a lot of time and resources into developing a vertically integrated production chain, particularly when it comes to tomato-based products. We can go from field to jar in 24 hours.


Not only do we produce our own tomatoes and tomato paste, we also make our own vinegar. We control every step of the process to save you money and increase the quality of our products. In short, Highbury produces fresher products, in a shorter amount of time, with higher quality ingredients. We think the extra effort is worth it, and your customers will be able to taste the difference.